A Galaxy of Famous People


The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine - December, 1890

THE royal thrones of Europe have held but few women who successfully essayed authorship. While Victoria, of England, Margherite, of Italy, and other queens have dipped into literature, it has remained for the Queen of Roumania to achieve distinct literary success. Under the nom-de-plume of "Carmen Sylva," she has proven her versatility as poet and fictionist, and her verses and stories have received the most universal praise from critics and editors. Her personality is closely bound up into the lives of her subjects. She has mingled freely with her people, has studied their wants and won their love and reverence. And how observant can be an affectionate and considerate queen of her people, will be manifested in an article just completed by Her Majesty for THE LADIES' HOME JOURNAL, which, under the title of "The Women of My Realm," will throw out in striking contrast the lives of Roumanian women and their American sisters.