Light a candle in the wind; if the wind blows it out, nevertheless you lit it.
–Romanian Proverb

Light in Darkness

For the Living

Stairway to Heaven


Tapers three I light with thee
One for you, one for me
One for we and what will be

By her light we danced together
She cast down her slivery threads
Caught us up and carried us away
Always, we'll dance together

Candles burn bright
Put out the night
Angels take wing
Bells sweetly ring

Christmas Moon

Hope and Faith

Safe Journey

Her Smile Returned

Time Together

Given New Life


Candles burn four
Now open the door
There's plenty of time
To let your light shine

For Evie
Almost joining us in this world,
with open wings she awaits us
in the next

We Meet Again

Home for Christmas

The Magic of Light

Moonlight Leaves

Blue Moon

I see the moon, the moon sees me...

The Crescent Moon
by Amy Lowell

Slipping softly through the sky
Little horned, happy moon,
Can you hear me up so high?
Will you come down soon?

On my nursery window-sill
Will you stay your steady flight?
And then float away with me
Through the summer night?

Brushing over tops of trees,
Playing hide and seek with stars,
Peeping up through shiny clouds
At Jupiter or Mars.

I shall fill my lap with roses
Gathered in the milky way.
All to carry home to mother.
Oh! what will she say!

Little rocking, sailing moon,
Do you hear me shout—Ahoy!
Just a little nearer, moon,
To please a little boy.

Transylvanian Moon