26 JANUARY, 2004

Headed up to Minneapolis on snowy roads.

When we got in Minneapolis we were lucky to encounter the new “Light Rail” train. It still being tested and will officially open in April.

Augsburg College – a small private (not part of the state university system) liberal arts college opened in the 1860’s.

The Library Building in the beautiful snow.

An open area between buildings called “The Quad”. I love the huge tree!

A lone student at his studies with a bottle of Mountain Dew.

An athletic field covered by a huge inflated dome during the winter months. Fans maintain a positive pressure on the inside that supports the roof. If the fans go out, the roof deflates! Students are playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Another snowy outdoor scene.

A colorful tapestry by a stairway

A courtyard with palm trees—warm and cozy on the inside while winter's chill is on the outside.

The campus chapel with pipe organ.

The chapel ceiling. I like the geometrical wood construction. It feels very Scandanavian.

A curious statue. The sign on the side says “Please rub”.

I love piles of colorful pillows!. They're calling out for someone to come sit down and curl up with a book.

A nice tree between buildings. In a few months it will give cool shade under the hot sun.

A geometric statue whose brilliant color seems out of place in the wintry grayness.

This is to show how crazy Americans are with their love of guns. Minnesota passed a law that allows people to carry concealed weapons. If any establishment does not want guns on their premises, they must post a sign. The law is strange enough, but at least it would be easier to post signs where guns are allowed instead of not allowed! I can see it now, "Guns Welcome. Please bring 'em on in!"

More wintry trees between buildings. I’d like to see how it all looks in the Spring!

Students eating in the cafeteria—one subject at which they excel!

The drive home. It actually wasn’t too bad. The highway was sloppy but not icy. I’ve driven in much worse!

We had to stop at the store to buy some milk. Since everyone drinks a lot (especially two teenage boys) we go through gallons!

Snow has melted on the warm car window thus giving the scene a little "artistic license."

Home at last! Looking out at the lovely snow in the back yard. We haven't had lots of snow in the past few years so it is very enjoyable. On the right is our garage. We don’t put cars in it though. Just yard tools and bicycles.

What do we have here? A lovely cardinal! They are beautiful (especially the males) and they sing beautifully! The photo is a bit dark, but can you see its red color?