18-19 JUNE, 2004

Augsburg Seminary Building. The older buildings are always my favorites.

The students helping out with orientation, identifiable by the purple Auggie shirts, were great!

Now it's time for the opening meeting.

Pastor Dave draws that old analogy between students and growing plants. They need plenty of watering and pruning... or is it called wing-clipping?

This fish is looking a little bored. Enough speeches. Let's get on with the program!

Now this is a little more lively!

Out in the foyer a serious art student (or is this Joan of Arc having a vision?) draws without looking at her paper. I would make a certain mess of it. Her work was wonderful.

The foyer with treats. You can see Pastor Dave piling it on his plate.

After dinner we headed outside. A huge tree was dropping these lovely blossoms. The poor things fell to earth and awaited their fate. Some were lucky enough to land on the soft grass. This one cast its evening shadow on the hard concrete.

We stopped in an organic food grocery store. As we were lost in the aisles I thought I heard some Irish music and figured that it was some pretty good musak playing through the speakers. Then, when we came out into the open, we found out that it was live. What a treat!

This is what I scored in the grocery store. On the right, steel-cut oats for making delicious oatmeal. On the left, coarse-ground corn (polenta). I will attempt to make Romanian mămăligă. I finally tasted this dish on my recent trip there and hope to have a resonable version of my own soon!

The Hard Times Cafe. A delightful throwback to the good old 60's. My age is showing!

We actually stayed in a dormitory room, vacant for the summer. No radio, no TV, no posters on the walls. We found that it was quite nice to sit, talk, and read. The evening flew by quickly. What would it be like to live in such "rustic" surroundings all the time? Maybe not so bad!

Students having a chat session in the warm morning sun by a large geometric statue. I like the way the yellow statue links the blue sky and green earth.

A gorgeous huge elm tree. I remembered this tree from my visit in January. Now I get to see it in leafy action.

I was waiting for the students to complete their class registration. There were some computer problems (of course!) that slowed the process.  As I was innocently sitting and listening to some tunes, these flowers rudely intruded upon my thoughts.

A lively game of four-square. It brought back memories of summer camp when I was a kid. I thought of taking a turn, but... I didn't want to make fools of these kids.

It looks like the ball is in her court. She responds with a graceful ballet step.

I think this guy is confusing four-square with bowling!

Another student's preferred method of playing four-square.

After the orientation we had to go to Claire Givens ViolinsDealers, Makers, & Restorers of Fine Violins, Violas, Cellos & Bowsto run an errand. It's in an old office building and here we are headed up the main stairs. Again, give me an old building and I will enjoy it!

The halls on the second floor. Sorry for the light on my dirty lens, but I have to show the wonderful skylights and posters.

Looks like we have plenty of firewood here!

Stringed instruments make such angelic music, but these angels look a little bored.

Just a few old Strads hanging around.

I had to go something fierce. Oh no! What am I gonna do! These fake flowers don't want any watering!

Somehow I found relief and then had to check out the skylights once again before we left.

Behind the building we see the old and the new working together to help form a wonderful and vibrant city.