14 FEBRUARY, 2004

We get out into the country and of course we see... farms! This one actually has an intact windmill.


A park in town with a gazebo. I guess we won't expect any outdoor band concerts in the park at this time of year.

The U.S. Post Office in a very plain but handsome building.

Looking out over Lake Peppin. Actually this lake is just a widening of the Mississippi River. The sport of water skiing was invented here in 1922 Water skiing when Ralph Samuelson stepped into his huge wooden planks for the first time.

In the Spring, Summer, and Fall you will see this marina filled with boats which are very popular hereŚboth motor and sail.

Downtown Lake City.

This handy device is a boat lift.

Sail boats safely out of the water and shrink wrapped for the season.

Another long row of sailboats in hibernation.

Looking northeast out over the lake. Those bluffs are in Wisconsin.

Seeing as it's Valentine's Day, there is love in the air.

We're at a rest stop on the lakeside highway headed up to Red Wing. These icicles were shaped by the wind.

Looking south along a farm fence towards some bluffs.

A round barn which is not very common around here. I wanted that car out of the way for this shot, but alas...

A river bluff.


A juvenile detention centerŚcertainly a lovely old building!
Minnesota State Reform School in Red Wing

Downtown Red Wing.

When there are railroad tracks in town, we like to get out and investigate. The CPR Canadian Pacific Railroad goes along the river and passes through Red Wing. Here are some storage tanks and grain elevators.

A rusty railroad relic.

The old train depot, hearkening back to the time when people rode the trains.

Inside the depot are some old railroading logos.

Huge grain elevators.

My artsy industrial shot.

A Soo Line locomotive that looks like it could use a new paint job.

Cargill, a huge shipping industry along the Mississippi River.

A railroad maintenance truck. It can stop over the tracks, drop those small wheels down, and zip along the rails.

Some kid asleep on the snow pile.

I think this is a small sewage treatment plant. Whatever it is that slops over the edge forms icicles that I will not lick. Note: I stand corrected. This is a one million gallon drinking water storage tank. I'm free to lick the icicles next time. Thanks Jack!

Boat houses in the small bay

The rocky shore leads down to the water and all is covered with a soft blanket of snow which is accented by the long shadows of winter.

Ahh! time to get inside, get warm, and have a little lunch with a large cup of latte.

We're across the channel looking back at Red Wing's famous St. James Hotel.

A small RV campground where apparently one can buy that favorite St. Paul brew... Pig's Eye Beer. Sounds delicious! Time to go over the bridge and head back home. It's Valentine's Day and we'd better be good boys.