26 JUNE, 2004

The Warehouse District station is where the ceremony will be taking place for the opening of the Minneapolis Light Rail Hiawatha Line. You can see two of the trains sitting there waiting...waiting... The opening was going to be in April but was delayed by a transit strike.

Some of the transit workers have a chat.

A couple of guys wait under the morning sun for the festivities to begin.

Two trains wait silently and patiently, quite willing to pose for pictures.

Preparations being made for the traditional ribbon cutting ceremony.

This young girl, with feet planted firmly, waits with great determination.

I'm not sure of the reason for these vicious looking guard dogs. Maybe they are expecting the crowds to rush the train for the first ride.

Close-up portrait of a train. How long will it look so nice and new?

Waiting and eating celebratory junk-food.

A little concert was put on by a drum band. A good beat always gets things going.

The band's leader trying to get some enthusiasm. "What are we gonna do?" RIDE!

This girl anxiously twirls her hair as she waits for things to get underway.

Two sisters or friends have an intimate conversation on the warm blacktop.

The crowd has assembled

Finally the speeches started to roll. This is Tim Pawlenty, the Governor of the State of Minnesota. As usual there was a problem with the sound system. The important people who were up close in a special fenced in area could hear but not us members of the common masses. Some were complaining quite vocally which made listening all the more difficult.

This man is sporting a rather patriotic leather vest. Personally, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing something like that—especially in Iraq!

The speeches started to get a little tiresome as they always do and my camera drifted skywards...

This is the countdown clock giving the time till the inaugural ride departs. It emphasizes the fact that the trains will be punctual.