6 APRIL, 2004

Off to Owatonna! A nice little southern Minnesota farm along the way.

In Owatonna, the Steele County Courthouse built in 1891

Across the street is a tiny Episcopal church with a bright red door you can't miss!

A firehouse in the downtown area with some bright murals displaying some of it's history.

A small statue showing the brave fireman doing his job. Watch out! Don't trip on that Cheeto!

The sign tells it like it is. Nowadays they usually call it the "Adult Detention Center"

A beautiful old power plant. They used to know how to design utility buildings with style.

A side view of the "Kozy Kitchen Cafe."

A barber shop with the good old fashioned "barber pole" in front. Too bad that a shave and a haircut no longer cost "two bits!"

A cool old sign--looks like it's probably at least 60 years old.

How much is that doggie in the window?

Louis Sullivan's National Farmers Bank Building, built in 1906-1908.
Louis Sullivan's Owatonna Bank

The lighting is fantastica whole other world. Looking back at the main entrance.

One of the four main light fixtures.

Angle view of stained glass window on the side of the bank.

Another view of the side window. Office cubicles with open ceilings are in front.

Main entrance as seen from a balcony at the rear of the bank.

Mural on side overlooking office cubicles. Remember, this is a farmer's bank!

In the balcony at the rear was this lovely lamp almost hidden by benches.

Horse's in mural at the back. The edge of the balcony is seen at the right.

Farmer in the other side of the back mural.

A lovely old house with a turret.

Wait a minute! What's this?

You can't go to Owatonna without stopping at Cabela's Outfitting Store.

Besides all of the hunting, fishing, camping, boating equipment, and everything else, they have a huge display of stuffed animals. And I don't mean that they have just eaten and are full of food. They are dead and stuffed, the poor things! But, at least they are quiet, not so dangerous, and they don't smell bad!

As busy as a beaver.

Polar bears overseen by a wolf.

Nice kitty. Think what he'd do to the furniture!

Some oversexed bull moose seeing who is the toughest.

Yeow! Bear get outta hear!

A very wild boar. Might be good barbecued on a spit.

I'm glad these guys aren't eying me for real! Out west they do kill people.

Something's lurking in the deep. Better turn up the ASA on my camera...

There! A big fat catfish. This guy isn't stuffed. He's the real thing, alive and swimming.

On our way east back to home. This is a plant that produces alcohol from corn. Not the kind you can drink though. It gets added into gasoline in an effort to thwart the giant oil tycoons. Well, this plant is probably is run by them also!

A windmill farm. I wish I knew how many watts these generate. I'll have to search the web...