a film directed by Sorin Iliesiu

A Few Things About Queen Marie directed by Sorin Iliesiu is the winner of the Romanian Cultural Institute Commendation Award

Astra Film Festival, October 2006, Sibiu Romania

An Exceptional Film at Cinemateque ASTRA Film – “A few things about queen Marie”
Sibiu, Romania
07th of March 2007
Romanian Global News

Translated and adapted by Liliana R.

ASTRA FILM Cinemateque presented on March 8th, Woman's Day in Romania and elsewhere, a 23 minute long documentary called “A few things about queen Marie", produced in Romania, in 2006 by Sorin Iliescu ."I was barely seventeen when I came to you. I was young and ignorant, but very proud of my native country, and even now, I am proud to have been born an Englishwoman... but I bless you, dear Romania, country of my joy and my grief, the beautiful country which has lived in my heart". The film is structured as a first person confession. Fragments of the queen's biography recited by the famous Maia Morgenstern are reproduced; her profile appears as a background for the archival pictures. It is considered the only film about this heroine of Romania, and, as the title implies, the 23 minute documentary takes the reader by surprise with few excerpts from the 102 books of the queen Marie's journal. The director Sorin Iliesiu strives to exhibit in his 23 minute short-subject named “A few things about queen Marie" (Maia Morgenstern in the leading role) some of the most important aspects detailed by the queen Marie in her journal.

Selected to be financed in 2004 by the National Center for Cinematography, Iliesiu's film received an award in 2006 at Astra Film Fest. At Sibiu, where the preview took place, Iliesiu confessed having an amazing collaboration with Morgenstern, given that the actress didn't know the text before the filming started.

A documentary about queen Marie's life, well and interestingly made and played by Maia Morgenstern in queen Marie's role. She is filmed half-face for the entire film and she recites at the first person throughout the film. Photographs and footages of the queen Marie from archives are on the background.