Excerpt from
June 1900, pages 131,135-136

Crown-Princess Marie of Roumania enjoys the distinction of being the first Princess of the reigning house of Great Britain and Ireland, since the days of the Stuarts, deliberately to forfeit her rights to succession to the throne of England by marrying a Roman Catholic. For she is the eldest daughter of Queen Victoria's second son. the Duke of Edinburgh and Coburg, and her husband, who is heir to his uncle's crown of Roumania, belongs to the Roman Catholic branch of the German house of Hohenzollern. Without being regularly beautiful, she is exceedingly pretty and winsome, in addition to which she excels in all the arts of coquetry and flirtation.

She married Prince Ferdinand at the age of seventeen, shortly after his extraordinary entanglement with the sloe-eyed, raven-haired Helen Vacarescu, who while in attendance on the Queen of Roumania as maid of honor had extorted from the royal youth a full-fledged promise of marriage. Indeed, she had actually secured the sanction of her illustrious mistress to the engagement, which was brought to a sensational close only by the dismissal and exile of the maid of honor, by the departure of the Queen from Roumania for a two years' stay with her relatives in Germany, and by a curt and peremptory demand made upon the Prince by the King and by the government for the renunciation of the rights of his succession to the crown in the event of his persisting in marrying the girl. Princess Marie was sufficiently fascinating quickly to efface from the heart of Ferdinand all memory of Helen Vacarescu, and has converted him into the most jealous and devoted of husbands. Indeed, although they have been married seven years, he still follows her about everywhere in the most loverlike manner, and apparently is afraid to let her out of his sight, never knowing what she is going to do next, and always in a state of dreadful anxiety lest her flirtations should develop into something sufficiently serious to rob him of the affection of his charming, wayward, capricious and pleasure-loving wife, who is never so happy as when dancing.