Roumanian Queen and the King of Fruits

When Queen Marie of Roumania was in St. Louis, William Findley, Secretary of the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce, decided that she ought not leave that State until she had tasted one of its greatest products—the Apple. So he appeared in her suite at the Hotel Coronado with a basket of Missouri's most famous apples—Golden Delicious—from his home County, Pike County, Missouri. With real Missouri loyalty he asked Her Majesty if she would mind being photographed with one of them. She took an apple, but said she would prefer not to be photographed. The basket was passed around the room, and presently the members of her entourage were busy at what is supposed to be America's daily method of keeping the doctor away. Queen Marie followed suit. One bite and a royal smile revealed the fact that the apple had made a hit.

"Bring on your Camera," she said to Mr. Findley. He called in the photographer, and the Roumanian Queen's obeisance to the Missouri King of Fruits was a matter of permanent record. A framed copy of the photograph will be presented the Missouri Horticultural Society, and another will be sent to the Royal Roumanian Horticultural Society at Bucharest.