New York Times Mid-Week Pictorial
October 28, 1926
Vol. XXIV, No. 10

Every Inch a Queen: Marie of Rumania,

Just Before the State Dinner Given in Her Honor by President and Mrs. Coolidge at the White House. She Is Wearing a Diadem of Diamonds and Pearls and a Gown of White Georgette Crepe Embroidered in Sequins. (© Harris & Ewing, from Times Wide World.)

BEFORE THE LEVIATHAN SAILED FROM FRANCE: QUEEN MARIE Is in the Centre, With Prince Nikolas on Her Right and the Princess Ileana and Mrs. Woodrow Wilson, Widow of the Late President, on Her Left.

A ROYAL POETESS VIEWS MANHATTAN’S SKYLINE: THE QUEEN OF RUMANIA (at Right) and Princess Ileana Get Their First Look at the Mighty City of New York.

HER MAJESTY SAILS UP THE BAY: QUEEN MARIE OF RUMANIA and Her Party, Leaving the Leviathan and Boarding the Steamer Macom, Are Carried Ashore, Where an Official Welcome Awaits Them.

BROADWAY’S WELCOME TO ROYALTY: THOUSANDS LINE THE STREET in Spite of Rain as the Queen’s Party Pass Trinity Church on Their Way to the City Hall. (Times Wide World Photos.)


YOU are welcome to our land,
      Queen Marie;
For you’re gracious, graceful, grand,
      Queen Marie;
We are always glad to greet
One so lovely and so sweet,
One whose visit is a treat,
      Queen Marie.

We are glad you’ve reached our shore,
      Queen Marie;
Democratic to the core,
      Queen Marie;
You are colorful, intense,
With a world of common sense,
And we will not spare expense,
      Queen Marie.

Look our country through and through,
      Queen Marie;
Give us nothing but our due,
      Queen Marie;
Do not flatter us, we pray,
Frankly, freely say your say,
If you want to flay us, flay,
      Queen Marie.

Do exactly as you please,
      Queen Marie;
Rush around or take your ease,
      Queen Marie;
North, South, Centre, East and West,
We are yours, our honored guest,
You are worthy of the best,
      Queen Marie.

May your life be happy, long,
      Queen Marie;
May your realm be ever strong,
      Queen Marie;
You are capable and keen,
Dignified in speech and mien,
You are every inch a Queen,
      Queen Marie!

—William R. Shields.

ARRIVING AT THE CITY HALL: IN THE QUEEN’S AUTOMOBILE Are J. Butler Wright (Sitting Beside Queen Marie), Representative of the United States State Department, and Grover Whalen of the Reception Committee. (Times Wide World Photos.)

ON THE STEPS OF THE NEW YORK CITY HALL: QUEEN MARIE and Mayor Walker Are Standing Together on the Lowest Step. At the Left Is Grover Whalen of the Municipal Reception Committee. (Times Wide World Photos.)

THE ROYAL PARTY ARRIVES IN WASHINGTON: PRINCESS ILEANA, Prince Nikolas, J. Butler Wright of the State Department, Queen Marie and Secretary of State Frank B. Kellogg (Left to Right). (Times Wide World Photos.)

A GREETING TO AMERICA: FROM THE BALCONY OF THE RUMANIAN LEGATION in Washington Queen Marie and Princess Ileana Wave to the Crowd in the Street Below. (Times Wide World Photos.)

THE QUEEN'S SON AND DAUGHTER: PRINCE NIKOLAS (Right) and Princess Ileana as They Descended the Stairway of the Rumanian Legation in Washington on Their Way to the State Dinner Given in Queen Marie's Honor by President and Mrs. Coolidge at the White House. (© Harris & Ewing, From Times Wide World.)

AT THE TOMB OF THE 'UNKNOWN SOLDIER: A ROYAL WREATH Is Laid Upon the National Memorial of the Great War by Queen Marie. (Times Wide World Photos.)

AT MOUNT VERNON: THE QUEEN ARRIVES at the Home of George Washington to Pay Tribute to the Founder of the Nation. (Times Wide World Photos.)

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