Dear Girls:

I want to express to you my great disappointment for not having been able to come and see you.

Only the most pressing call from home could have induced me to give up so dear a plan

My children and I had so greatly rejoiced in the thought of seeing you, of talking to you and of making friends.

Wherever we went America's heart went out to us and we have carried so much love home with us that it is a great consolation for us now in these days of sadness.

I want you think of me as one who loves and understands the young, of one who, being intensely human, loves to come into contact with those who represent tomorrow's great hope.

Dear girls, I need your thoughts and also your prayers. I returned to great distress and great sadness lies before me, your love will be to me a great help

If ever life should grant me the great happiness of returning to dear Americayou must send me a call if you still want to have me amongst you, and you can sure that I will come

So that my face should keep memory alive I send you a signed picture of myself to hang up in your school

Queen of Roumania