Baudoin Lotin

National Village Museum, Bucharest, February 2008

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All images are for personal use only and are copyrighted by the photographer, Baudoin Lotin

BUCHAREST - The black and white photographs made by the Walloon artist offer an encounter with the Maramures of “honest, open-hearted people who live in simplicity and perfect harmony with nature.”

Attracted to the rural universe due to his parents’ provenience, Baudoin Lotin confesses being fascinated about the stacks of hay from Maramures. Actually, bigger versions of photographs representing stacks of hay are included in the exhibition, as “in Maramures, hay is a source of life.” “I am the son of a farmer; beauties of the countryside are deeply rooted in my being. There, I find myself,” Baudoin Lotin declared. Beside the photographs showing stacks of hay, the exhibition includes scenes in the life of peasants from Maramures, scenes reproduced in smaller versions, similar to postcards, a fact that determines the visitor to get closer to the photograph, in order to admire it. “Photographs by Baudoin Lotin do not show churches, wooden gates or people. They are windows to everyday life”, Ana Barca, “Dimitrie Gusti” National Village Museum Patrimony Manager declared at the opening of the exhibition. “This is Maramures of the year 2007, seen by the author in a particular manner and shares this vision with us. It is an ageless Maramures. The author of the pictures avoids the accents of poor taste that appeared in this region during the latest decades and concentrates on the honourable traditions. The usage of black and white photographs creates the impression of patrimony images”, Virgil Nitulescu, General Secretary at the Ministry of Culture declared on the same occasion. “Baudoin Lotin’s photographs reveal the point of view of a Walloon on an impressive region. I hope that he will continue exploring this region, and that his pictures will be exposed in other Romanian cities as well, but also in Brussels and other countries”, the General Representative of Wallonia to Bucharest, Mr. Daniel Sotiaux declared on his turn. A photographer, as well as a documentaries and scientific films producer, Baudoin Lotin is a constant presence in the Belgian and European cultural space. He started his work in photography with a report referring to the monks of the Maredsous Abbey (1974). During the next two years, he concentrates his activity on the boxing environment in Belgium.

7 February 2008 by Camelia Cusnir Nine O'Clock News