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Agero Stuttgart - Ascociatia Germano-Romana
    Poezii alese - Ioan Miclau

Alianţa working to strengthen the alliance between America and Romania

All Romanians Are Vampires information, impressions and experiences about how Romania and Romanians really are

Basarabia–Bucovina.Info a wealth of information, history, and photography

British Pathé in Romania collection of old newsreels

The Bükresh Blog a blog about the city we all love to hate

Centre for Romanian Studies

City Compass
feel at home in Bucharest and Romania

Company of Mysterious Journeys Transylvanian Society of Dracula and Magic Mountain Foundation

Constantin Roman
    Blouse Roumaine
    Blouse Roumaine Home Page
    Collection of Antique Prints and Engravings (16thc - 19thc) Central Eastern Europe
     From the Carpathians to the Black Sea
Voices & Shadows of the Carpathians

Daniel Balanescu - artist Daniel Balanescu

Delta Nature Resort set in the Danube Delta wilderness

Discovering Eminescu classroom project on Romanian poet Mihai Eminescu

Dracula's Castle based on Bran Castle with much, much more

The Eliznik Romania Page Romanian folk costume, music, and dance

Embassy of Romania - Washington D.C.

Euromaniac wonderful, very insightful, and often humorous blog about Romania

Expat in Romania thoughtful blog from an insider-outsider-insider who looks at Romania

Fernando's Hideaway a weblog full of interesting tidbits on Romania and offering unique tours

FolkRomania a store  that also has sections on celebrations, superstitions, customs, cooking, photographs, and more

Gândacul de Colorado Romanian newspaper based in Colorado

The Genocide of the Souls - the Piteşti Experiment exposing the communist horror at the Piteşti prison

Global Museum on Communism - Romania Exhibit site to memorialize the victims and educate the public

Great Personalities of Romania Caricatures

Het Nederlands Hooiberg Museum Museum of Hay Barracks, Haystacks and Hay
    Romania and Slovakia

Historic Houses of Romania Valentin Mandache's rich weblog on period and traditional architectural heritage

Honorary Consulate of Romania in Boston

Hoover Institution Archives Romanian Collections

House of Guides publisher of tourist guides

HSH Radu, Prince of Hehenzollern-Veringen

Ignat Bednarik artist 1882-1963

I'm More Romanian Than You! a fascinating blog

The Inn on Balaban in the area of Bran Transylvania and modeled on a traditional peasant house from the late 1700's

King Mihai I of Romania and the Romanian Monarchy

Kingdom of Romania Wikipedia Encyclopedia

Local Customs
classroom project from "Duiliu Zamfirescu" School, Focşani, Romania

Lorin Niculae's Galleries stunning photography of all aspects of Romania and more

Medireflex Health Center private medical clinic utilizing homeopathy, acupuncture, massage, and other natural therapies

Ministerul Mediului si Dezvoltarii Durabile Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development interviews, memoirs, oral history studies, books and images of Romania's recent history

Monasteries Country comprehensive website on Romania's beautiful monasteries

My Second University memories from communist Romania's prisons by Stanciu Stroia, M.D. with Dan L. Dusleag, M.D.

Ovidiu Rom Fiecare Copil in Scoala national initiative to get every single child in Romania registered and attending school

Plural Magazine - English language magazine published under the Romanian Cultural Institute

Prăvălia culturală - monthly literary magazine in Romanian

Rainer Beel among other things, Rainer gives us a visual feast of Bucharest, Bran, Brasov, Cluj, Sibiu, Sighisoara, and Timisoara

Ratiu Family Foundation projects which further education and research in the culture and history of Romania and its people

Rhea Cristina poet and journalist living in Bucharest

Rhea - Noul Mileniu's Blog resources for health, beauty and spirit a portal to the World Wide Web's Romanian content

Romania In Our Hearts collection of articles about culture, uniqueness, and personalities embedded in the name of Romania

Romania In Your Pocket guides for Romania, Brasov, Bucharest, Poiana Brasov, Sibiu

Romania Insider daily news and features in English from Romania

Romania Pitoreasca (Picturesque Romania) magazine founded in 1933 and reissued in 1972 - English version available

Romania Revealed

Romania Simply Surprising the true Romanian Spirit

The Romania Way online community magazine

Romanian Cultural Centre London Romanian cultural programs and focus for the Romanian community in Britain

Romanian Cultural Institute New York American antenna of the Romanian Cultural Institute

Romanian Heritage - Patrimoniu Romanesc photographs and information about Romania's UNESCO protected sites

Romanian Monarchy Flickr Group photograph collection

Romanian Royal Family - Diana Mandache's Weblog

Romanian Students and Scholars Association at Princeton

Romanian Voice

Sarah in Romania a blog overflowing with observations, photographs, and life

Sibiu - Hermannstadt: European Capital of Culture 2007

We Love Romania!

Wikipedia Enciclopedia: Monarhia în România

Wikipedia Encyclopedia: Romania

Wikipedia Encyclopedia: Romanians